About Purely Health


Purely Health is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by Naturopath Hope Pearce.

Hope is a registered Naturopath, a qualified massage therapist, a certified natural and complementary therapist and a certified level 3a Reiki Practitioner. Hope is a professional member of the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths.

Hope has worked in the natural health industry for the past 7 years and is passionate about natural health and helping others achieve their health and wellbeing goals.




Feel Normal Again
Although Hopes experience in natural health is extensive working with 100′s of clients through a wide variety of health complaints, her areas of expertise are treating digestive disorders, food allergies and intolerances, skin disorders, women’s health and hormones, weight loss, sleep and insomnia issues and optimising thyroid function.This means that she can help you lose that weight, improve your mood, energy and sleep, optimise your digestive health and help you feel and look great again.

The Latest in Natural Medicine
Utilising natural methods that are formulated for you only you’ll be back to optimal health and wellbeing in no time, utilising the latest solution in natural medicine and science, Hope is extremely active in the natural medicine field keeping abreast of the latest science and findings.

Rejuvenating sleep, no anxiety or insomnia anymore
Taking a holistic view, drawing on experience from her years as Naturopathic Sleep Specialist at SleepDrops where she assisted in the formulation of a unique range of sleep support products helping people nationally and internationally get a better night’s sleep.

Lose weight and keep it off
This combined with specialist thyroid training from thyroid specialists and G.P’s  enhanced Hopes special interest in thyroid and weight Loss problems.  Further enhancing services with the Thyroflex Thyroid testing system to ensure easy ongoing management.

My commitment to you:

I am passionate about providing people with the best natural health advice. Every client I see is treated as an individual and I spend time looking into the best possible treatment to support you with your individual health concerns and needs. My goal is to provide you with the best possible tools to rebuild and maintain good health, and empower you to get the most out of your life. I want you to feel understood, cared for and comfortable in my clinic and for every visit to be a positive experience and something you look forward to. It is important to me that you feel supported and heard, within an environment that is relaxed and comfortable.



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