De-stress your body and mind, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase relaxation and overall well being.  Purely Health’s massage treatments work to soothe, de-stress and relieve those aches and pains!  Therapeutic massage using a range of techniques including relaxation, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and reflexology foot massage.


I love getting my regular massage with Hope, it is always such a treat after a hectic week, it is great for my shoulder tension and sore back from staring at my computer all day, I no longer get migraines like I used to and does wonders for my stress levels! Andrea Johnson

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Hawaiian Kahuna and Reiki Fusion Massage

This truly is a massage that is purely healing for your body, heart and soul.  A beautiful rhythmic blend of long flowing strokes, breath, movement and reiki energy healing.  This healing massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed while awakening your senses, leaving you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated from the inside out.


This massage rocks!  With the blend of reiki and Hope’s soothing hands I have never felt so relaxed! I always float out the door afterwards.  Thank you! Anna Palmer

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Purely Health Reiki Radiance Fusion Organic Facial

A luxurious meditative facial experience infusing your skin with organic skincare and reiki energy healing to promote beautiful radiant skin and a calm and relaxed mind and soul.  This facial releases tension held in the facial muscles,  which stimulates blood flow, and enhances the health of your cells, which will leave you positively glowing.


This is the most relaxing facial I have had anywhere, not only do I feel grounded, balanced and happy when I leave but my skin feels amazing, thank you! Robyn Hudson

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