Naturopathic Clinic

Why Purely Health is the right choice for you:

  • Qualified and Registered Naturopath
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • We work with you, your lifestyle and budget
  • Up to date knowledge on natural health and nutrition
  • We won’t tell you there is nothing wrong with you, we will listen!
  • On-going support to help you keep on track

How it works………

Initial 1.5 hour Consultation:

The initial consultation process is an in-depth one, with the first consultation being approximately 90 minutes long.  Your Naturopath will listen to your health concerns and ask you lots of questions around your current health, past health, family health history, any medication and supplements you are taking and about your diet and lifestyle. You will be encouraged to talk about all of your health concerns to allow your Naturopath to get a good insight as to what is happening in your body.  Any further testing that needs to be done will be recommended.

Your personalised Health Plan

After your consultation you will be emailed or posted an individual health plan that works in with your personal health goals and budget toward achieving optimal health that can be maintained into the future.  Your individualised health plan will be focused on assisting you to manage any current symptoms while addressing the underlying causes of your health concerns or medical condition, be they physical, emotional or lifestyle-related. Your health plan will only consist of treatment options that you are happy to use.

This will consist of

  • The steps that need to be taken to help you achieve your health goals and to assist with your presenting health complaint.
  • Identifying and outlining for you any imbalances occurring in your body.
  • Any recommended tests
  • Recommended supplements or natural treatments to help with your health complaint and to bring your body back into a state of balance. Low cost alternatives will be given if needed.
  • Recommended dietary changes and nutritional advice. These will be changes you can make on a daily basis to help you reach your health goals.
  • Recommended lifestyle changes.
  • Recommended time frame for you to implement these changes and come back for a follow up appointment.

You will be shown how to care for your own health helping you to achieve optimum health for life.

Hope’s therapeutic approach is evidence-based, and relies on both traditional knowledge and scientific clinical trials to formulate her treatment protocol. Hope can work alongside other health professionals, including your GP or specialist, if necessary.

Future Follow up visits

You will be asked how you feel the treatment has gone and what is currently happening with your initial health concerns. Any test results will be gone over and discussed or further testing may be done to may be used to check for any changes.   If any new health concerns have come up then these will also be discussed and recommendations given.

Your Naturopath will discuss with you any changes that need to be made and make further recommendations to assist you to keep on track to reach your health goals. Any test results will be gone through and discussed. You will be emailed an updated prescription and recommendations to help keep you on track for achieving your health goals.



I started seeing Hope a year ago to help with my fertility, and my stomach complaints. No question was ever a problem, Hope could always answer it, or get back to me once she has found out the answer. After getting lots of tests done, and changes to my diet, most of my stomach complaints are gone now, after all of Hope’s guidance. She has also helped with my fertility, and balanced out my polycystic ovaries and my hormones.    I am now 8 months pregnant, and have had a healthy pregnancy, all due to Hope’s advice, guidance and help getting my body prepared.

I will still continue to see Hope for ongoing health issues. I have recommended several friends to see Hope, and they are all happy with the treatment, advice and support she has given them.  Maria Bain

I have been seeing Hope the Naturopath at Purely Health for the past 3 months, I had been struggling with weight issues, stress, anxiety, acne, and thyroid issues for the last 8 years.  Hope has given me nutritional advice and put me on a plan which included taking some supplements and some lifestyle changes, my thyroid has come back into normal range, I have lost weight, have clear skin and am so much calmer and happier.  Susan Wilson  


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