Woman doing yoga with chakra's highlightedSpeak your inner truth and help your thyroid!

For those of your who have been to see us for thyroid issues you all know by now about all the nutritional and physiological aspects that affect thyroid function. Having a healthy diet, providing the thyroid with the co-factors it needs to work properly, keeping goitregen’s to a minimum are all some of the great ways to support a healthy thyroid.  But what about other issues that affect the thyroid? We are not just physical beings we all possess spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of our being, and all of these aspects are interwoven and can’t be separated from each other. In other words, every part of our being affects the others.

The thyroid is part of the fifth vishuddha chakra in the throat region, which is related to communication and self-expression. It is believed in yogic philosophy that keeping this area healthy is linked to how openly and honestly a person expresses themselves. Repressed emotions or anger or involvement in falsehoods (ie telling white lies, or feeling deep down one is “living a lie”) can have negative energetic consequences that can manifest as physical ailments in this region of the body, particularly in the thyroid.

The best way to correct this on an energetic level is to fully live your inner truth. Communicate with others, express yourself fully, and if something in your life isn’t right, take steps to change it.

By Hope Pearce
Registered Naturopath


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