Thyroid and Hormone Health

Are your hormones driving you crazy?

At Purely Health we are experts in treating thyroid and hormonal health.  When your hormone’s are not in balance then it is very difficult to feel good.   It is common for women with hormonal disorders to feel stressed, frazzled,  unattractive, tired, sluggish and overweight.  All in all it’s not much fun!

We can help you get that spring back into your step and get you feeling balanced and good again.

How do we do that?

  • By assessing your signs and symptoms
  • Thyroid testing, blood testing, hormone saliva testing where needed
  • Charting your cycle if needed
  • Removing triggers of hormonal imbalance
  • Assessing your diet and nutrition and making changes where necessary.
  • Supplementing with herbs or nutritional supplements to help bring your hormones back into balance.

With the help of our hormonal wellness plan you can:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Support a healthy thyroid and metabolism
  • Increase overall energy and vitality
  • Decrease mood swings and unwanted signs of hormonal imbalance.
  • Get your body in good shape with optimum nutrition prior to pregnancy
  • Have a greater understanding on how your hormones work, your cycle and how your diet and lifestyle affects hormone imbalance
  • Manage symptoms of PCOS such as weight gain and fatigue

Make an appointment to see us at our Auckland based clinic or ph:09 963 7396 to see how we can help you feel good again.


To find out if your thyroid needs some support take our thyroid questionnaire.

To find out more about saliva hormone testing and other tests we do please click here.

I have had bad PMT for the last 5 years with mood swings, anxiety irritability for up to 10 days before my period, acne and fatigue.  After visiting Purely Health and changing my diet and taking some supplements my moods have balanced out, my cycle is regular and my skin has cleared up. All in all I feel great. Amanda Eden 

I have hypothyroid and have been on thyroid medication for the last 4 years but after initially helping it stopped managing my symptoms, I have continued to feel fatigued, depressed, have dry hair and skin, low libido and weight gain. After seeing Purely Health I have made changes to my diet,  taken some herbs and supplements, and I finally feel back to my old self again.  I have lost weight and my energy has returned, what a relief! thank you. Margaret Tatterman 













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